Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? At Imagine Gift Store we believe in making memories and that shopping is fun! That is why we created a scavenger hunt for our customers to enjoy while visiting our store.

Interior of Imagine Gift Store showing many products across multiple levels

Starting The Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt with guide you through the three story theater building, point out some of our favorite products, best sellers as well as give you some fun history about our building. 

Simply ask for a ticket upon arrival and scan the QR code on the ticket. The best part you ask, if you can guess all of the answers correctly, you’ll win a prize!! Scavenger hunt is designed for ages 18+. Children can play with adults but please note one prize will be given per family and the game may only be played once quarterly. 

We will change up the scavenger hunt every quarter though so you’ll get a place to play a few times a year!!

Imagine Gift Store Scavenger Hunt example ticket that resembles a classic theater ticket inspired by the Lyric Theater origins of Imagine Gift Store.

About Us

Imagine Gift Store is located in historic Warren, RI, where Imagine is the largest gift store in New England! Our building is located in the fully-restored Lyric Theatre and contains three floors full of great gifts.