About Us

Imagine Gift Store is located in the historic Lyric Theater building in Warren, Rhode Island. Wanting to restore some of the theater’s forgotten splendor, it's playful spirit is now provided in the store. After extensive renovations, Imagine Gift Store grew to be one of the largest gift stores in New England, winning numerous awards. In 2015, the Imagine Gift Store won the award for “Best Gift Store in Rhode Island“, an honor bestowed upon them by Rhode Island Monthly and all of its kind readers.

In 2016, when the store changed ownership, not much changed. As the store gives off the most amazing, whimsical feel, it is something we want to cherish. This magical store is more than just a gift store but also an experience when visited. We want to keep that magical experience and only help to grow the store overtime.

Remember that feeling you got when you first walked into a penny candy store? Imagine Gift Store is chock-full with new and old favorites from it's wide assortment of over 500 candies. Between the candies and a 1950’s themed ice cream parlor, you are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth. Aside from the sweets, Imagine Gift Store wouldn’t really be a gift store without… well… Gifts! From the quirky, to the heartfelt, to the locally made Rhode Island merchandise and souvenirs, Imagine Gift Store has every gift you could ever think of for that special someone, or even yourself!

To enhance your experience, Imagine Gift Store, features 3 Full-Sized Cows which are on display both inside and outside the store, as well as miniature cows which can be purchased within the store from CowParade. CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world.